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  • What ingredients are used in your E-Liquid?
    Our flavouring components and base ingredients are sourced very carefully. We only use ingredients of the highest quality available. We use USP Grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine as our base ingredients. Our flavours are specially curated from a stable of quality suppliers. Our e-liquids do not contain Vitamin E Acetate, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or illegal substances.
  • Does your e-liquid contain Diacetyl?
    Our curated flavours are specifically sourced to NOT contain Diacetyl and other Diketones. However, we do realize that all flavouring suppliers also manufacture flavouring for the food industry that use these components and to ensure that cross contamination is not a prevalent problem, we have participated in a testing program consistent with ECTA protocols. See our LAB RESULTS HERE.
  • Where can I buy your e-liquids?
    You can purchase 12 Monkeys Vapor at many different online retailers worldwide. Have a look at our BUY section.
  • I love your e-liquids, can I buy directly from you?"
    We are absolutely pleased to know how much you love our flavours! Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer direct shipping to end users. However, we do have authorized vendors in several countries that can have 12 Monkeys delivered to your door in a matter of days! Have a look at our BUY section!
  • What size formats do you offer?
    Our products are available in 30mL Salts and 60mL Freebase in North America (dependant on region) as well as 50mL shortfill format for Europe.
  • What apparel and collectibles do you have?
    We have many collectibles such as t-shirts, bags, drip tips, stickers and more! These cannot be purchased directly through us. Please request items from your local 12 Monkeys vendor.
  • What is the best setup to vape your e-liquids?
    We recommend either drippers, rebuildable tanks or sub ohm tanks for our freebase e-liquids. The bigger the liquid wicking holes on the coil, the better! As for pod systems, our Salts line with lower VG will work great!
  • Are you TPD compliant?
    Absolutely! Our entire range is available in TPD format as well as the highly popular "shortfill" format to mix with your own nicotine.
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